E-commerce Solution

When online shopping was revolutionized, e-commerce portals became essential for every trader or merchant. Accordingly we equipped ourselves with the latest CMSs which used to develop strong e-commerce portals. However, we always suggest you the best suitable CMS as per your product line and your back-end needs. Above all, the cost for the same will be very reasonable.

Blog Customization

If one is thinking to share one’s thoughts at a public platform, one can imagine about blogging. This is the latest incorporation of web technology. Instead of creating the entire blogging platform from scratch, we suggest our clients to use an already available blogging CMS. WordPress is the strongest CMS, so far so blogging is concerned. By using it, every single functionality can be implemented which is mandatory from a blogger’s perspective.

Classified Portals

The idea of classified came into existence with a perspective of selling used goods at a reasonable cost. For the same, Cake PHP and codeigniter are the best frameworks that we can use for the implementation purpose. The portal should be capable to operate efficiently for both seller and buyer. We are using effective algorithms for deadlock prevention while we are considering data transmission ratio as well.

Tourism Portals

As and when we think in terms of visiting a new place, we usually plan our tour by going through any available tourism portal, which is cost effective and reliable. However, the friendliness and effectiveness of a portal matters a lot. Here at Acumax Technologies, we consider all the factors and plan the portal feel accordingly. In order to create a user friendly portal, we can use filters. It will help visitors to fetch more relevant results.

Business Consultation

Business consulting is the ability to suggest a business house or entrepreneur in the areas of critical performance based on meaningful, experienced, and documented understanding of the issue. Those critical areas can be planning, marketing strategy, competitive advantage, and I.T. implementation. Here at Acumax, we provide the best possible IT solutions that are beneficial for one’s business, considering all the aspects related to subject matter.

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