Software Development


Nowadays software is highly used for improving productivity and reducing cost. Software plays a vital role in performing every computing process, the most common software used by every single organization is management software. Algorithms are highly responsible for the performance of software. Window or console applications are used for the single machine architecture. But as we already aware about the rapid growth in the cloud architecture, so for the distributed computing web applications are highly used.

Here in Acumax Technologies, we have experience developers and they are capable of developing platform independent software. All the previously written algorithms could be implemented by them, as well as they are capable of designing new algorithms whenever required. For software development there is various kinds of technologies available in the market and every technology has its own pros and cons. Our development team would also like to suggest you the best technology as per your requirements.

Compatibility and synchronization is always being a big issue for developing distributed applications. A compatibility test would be performed before the release of software. They perform both black box and white box tests, they detect all the possible bugs as well as work on the internal architecture of the software for improving its performance.

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